Crime Scene Examination

Duration: 90 Minutes

Practical Crime Scene Examination

There are a number of different mock crime scenes which can be used and these may vary from school to school. Normally, a large classroom will suffice for the crime scene. A portion of the classroom will be cordoned off in crime scene tape and in this scene, there will be a clothed mannequin to represent a body and numerous pieces of evidence will be left around the body and scene for the students to find and recover. All of the students will be provided with white disposable crime scene suits, gloves and masks. (These will be supplied by the CSI Team)

All the equipment will be supplied including camera, fingerprint powder/brushes, labels, exhibit bags, tweezers, gel lifters and folders for notes.

The students will now be able to put into use the information and instruction they have received in the first part of the day.

In this exercise, the students are put into small groups of between 2 and 4 students. Each group will have a responsibility and they will be expected to work as part of the team carrying out the investigation.

We will setup the following groups:-

1. First responders

2. Crime scene preservation

3. Photographers

4. Fingerprints

5. Forensic Scientists

6. State Pathologist

7. Coroner/Doctor.

Only one of the groups will enter the crime scene at any time to carry out their specific function.